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In American Gods, is there another version of the gods in their native lands?

In the appendix to the novel, it's made clear that people carry their gods with them and that when they alight in a new place, those gods are made anew in the image of the old god. There's an Odin in ...
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In American Gods, is there another version of the gods in their native lands?

When the gods came to America, they did not leave their original lands. Depending how you look at it, the gods either sent a version of themselves abroad, or they left versions of themselves behind. ...
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Do the Norse gods exist in Star Trek?

In a word, yes. The Norse gods are (for the most part) assumed to be mythical in the series and EU novels, but in the ToS Novel Gods Above we encounter the "Old Father" a powerful godlike ...
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Short story: Norse command generation(?) or battleship at war

Could this be "Twilight of the Gods" by John C. Wright? This was published in 2009 in a collection called "Federations" edited by John Joseph Adams. I have not read it myself, but ...
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Book about young girl meeting Odin, the Oracle, Loki and many more

This could be Runemarks, a 2007 novel by Joanne Harris. The story follows a young girl who is ostracised by the others in her village due to her having a runemark on her left hand. During the story ...
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Norse mythology video game with someone trapped by their hair

This sounds like Heimdall. The scene with the woman in the stocks: It was the first of the three skill tests at the start of the game, in which the player's performance would determine the maximum ...
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When was Thor first portrayed as an advanced alien, not a god?

It was hinted as far back as Thor #300 (October 1980) that the Asgardians might not be gods but god-like aliens who resided in nearby dimensions, attempting to protect the Earth from extra-terrestrial ...
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Short story collection about ancient gods in modern times

I found it. Literally. It was in a box of books I lent to my parents, that my mom returned after I asked if they remembered this. Anyway: The Gods of War: Introducing TEK: Lord of Battle The ...
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YA fiction novel about a boy who discovered the power of runes as seen in Norse mythology

Casey indicated in the comments that they believe the book to be from The Runestone Saga, by Chris Humphreys. The first book, The Fetch, published in 2006, has Sky and his cousin finding Norwegian ...
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Book with Norse gods and runes

This is a shot in the dark, but is it Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer? The Sea of Trolls is set in Anglo-Saxon England, Scandinavia, and the mythical realm of Jotunheim. The Jack Crookleg, the main ...
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Short story: Norse command generation(?) or battleship at war

Partial match to Northworld by David Drake, in which the eponymous planet has lost its all-powerful leader and is missing from the "Consensus". A human police officer is recruited by the non-human ...
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How did humans know about Thor and Loki?

The old norse myths contains descriptions of many things the gods do, up to and including the Final Battle, Ragnarok. Now, Ragnarok hasn't happened yet, so clearly the old story tellers were prophets ...
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