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Novella where protagonist's catatonic uncle predicts the dates of novas

The book is Tetrasomy Two by Oscar Rossiter. It was published in 1975. You have misremembered a few things. It's a novel not a novella, though it's a short novel, and the catatonic is not the ...
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Very faint memory of a book featuring a one man predator

Dimension of Miracles, a 1968 novel by Robert Sheckley, which was also my (unaccepted) answer to this old question. Maybe you will recognize one of these covers. Dimension of Miracles can be borrowed (...
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Story Identification: Rousing speech delivered on alien planet to alien allies that borrowed heavily from Shakespeare and Churchill

That is Poul Anderson's The Man Who Counts AKA War of the Wing-Men, a Nicholas Van Rijn story. Van Rijn and two others are stranded on a remote part of Diomedes when their air car goes down and Van ...
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Short story or novelette about a planet where sex is not taboo

"If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Want One to Marry Your Sister" by Theodore Sturgeon In the story a man is seeking the origin of some remarkable items and traces them to the planet ...
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Short novel about a scientist who created microcosm universes and traveled to them

Is this Edge of Time (1958) by 'David Grinnell' (a pseudonym of Donald A. Wollheim)...? According to this user review, the premise involves scientists creating a micro-universe where time passes at a ...
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Short story/novella featuring armored vehicle vs. dragon

This is probably David Weber's "Sword Brother" (2007). The wizard Wencit of Rûm needs to find help before Bahzell heads into a trap and ends up with a US Marines LAV. They fight 5 dragon-...
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Short story/novella featuring armored vehicle vs. dragon

This sounds like The Doomfarers of Coramonde by Brian Daley, 1977. That was a full book, not just a short story, and apparently there were sequels.
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Story about a Singaporean company that is contracted to modernize an Indian city?

It's not a great fit, but Bruce Sterling's Green Days in Brunei might be it. This is a novella, published in Asimov's in 1985, and is described here. The hero is Chinese-Canadian (with a grandfather ...
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