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Another possibility (with a more humorous vibe) could be Isaac Asimov's The last trump. From wikipedia: By order of the Council of Ascendants and approved of by the Chief, it is decided that the Day of Resurrection is due on Earth, despite the protestations of Etheriel, a junior Seraph with responsibility for the world. and but in the end


Another possibility would be some book by Frank Peretti, e.g. Piercing the Darkness, although I do not think they match particularly well, as they concern mostly with conflict between angels and demons and good vs. evil (and are rather religiously biased). It follows the journey of Sally Beth Roe as she tries to escape her past and slowly overcomes her ...


Another possibility would be 'Agents of Light and Darkness' by Simon R. Green. It is the second book of his 'Nightside' series This short novel involves Angels from Heaven and Hell going to war within the area of London known as the Nightside, to obtain the Unholy Grail, the cup Judas used at the last supper.


Your details are slightly sparse but are a possible match for "Hell is the absence of God" by Ted Chiang. It is a novella length story compiled in the collection "Stories of your life and others". The story features manifestations by angels and the effects these manifestations have. This is an extract from the plot summary posted on Wikipedia. The ...

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