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Sci Fi book about a man travelling through portals from one dimension to another through who ends up in a place where mind control is prevalent

I'm going to enter an answer of The Mind Traders I don't have a copy to hand so I can't verify the portal aspect, but it involves a human who is sent to a planet where everyone is a telepath, ranked ...
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2000s(?) book series about girl with purple eyes and fantasy world

Partial match: La QuĂȘte d'Ewilan (2003) by Pierre Bottero. Exact matches: the release date and author's nationality; the three books are originally in French and they have not been translated, ...
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2000s(?) book series about girl with purple eyes and fantasy world

A Princess of Roumania (2005) and sequels by Paul Park? The cover matches your description and it's about a girl, the titular princess, who was taken from an alternate universe to ours. She returns ...
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Isekai manga about a boy and other people being teleported to a wired world

As per Toro's rather brief answer, this may be Arata Primal The key to save the world is in the primeval period!? Connecting the present and the past. Burning passion opens up the future!! A primeval ...
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Book about a glass world behind a mirror

The "Books of Elsewhere" (The Shadows): Old Ms. McMartin is definitely dead. Now her crumbling Victorian mansion lies vacant. When eleven-year-old Olive and her dippy mathematician parents ...
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Book series involving a boy and a girl who use a ring or rings to travel to other universes and time periods to stop a bad guy

This sounds like the Pendragon series by D.J. McHale, which I've proposed as an answer to a different question before. The series chronicles the adventures of Bobby Pendragon, an American teenager ...
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