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First instance of a universe being "close enough"

Perhaps Philip K Dick's 1953 short story "The Commuter." A “little fellow” (his name is later determined to be Critchet) ...
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First instance of a universe being "close enough"

In Bertil Mårtensson's "Detta är verkligheten" (This Is Reality / Worlds Without Borders), from 1968, the protagonist returns forever into a fictional medieval fantasy world only to find out ...
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First instance of a universe being "close enough"

DavidW has me beat by a year, but the earliest one I know of is Number of the Beast by Robert Heinlein from 1980. One of the protagonists invents a dimension-shifting device that allows them to travel ...
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First instance of a universe being "close enough"

Preceding Kube-McDowell's Alternities (1988) and Back to the Future (1985) is "Mandalay" (October 1979) by John M. Ford. A company named "Alternities Inc." had sold vacations in ...
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Looking for a short story about a parallel world with apparently ordinary humans but savage and carnivorous

You're probably remembering Window written by Bob Leman. The story is pretty much as you state, the protagonist finds a window/portal that shows what appears to be an idyllic family farm from ...
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Book about a character born in-between time on some sort of timeship

Is this Invictus (2017) by Ryan Graudin...? The Goodreads plot summary notes that the protagonist, Farway "Far" McCarthy, was born outside of time and is the son of a time-traveller from the ...
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Book about a young man in high school who is approached by a warrior woman and travels to alternate dimensions

This sounds like the Pendragon books by D.J. McHale. The series chronicles the adventures of Bobby Pendragon, an American teenager who discovers that he must travel through time and space to prevent ...
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