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For questions about the physics of a fictional universe. Questions purely concerning real-world physics are off-topic. Always use in conjunction with the specific work tag in question.

Use this tag if your question is about the physics of the universe of a work of speculative fiction. Note that this site is about science fiction, not about real-world physics. Expect answers based on internal consistency or author fiat.

If your question is about:

  • how the in-universe physics relates to real-world physics, ask here, but do not necessarily expect answers from experts on real-world physics.
  • real-world physics, your question is off-topic here. Consider asking on Physics Stack Exchange, but be sure to read the FAQ first.
  • speculation on real-world physics, it doesn't have a home on Stack Exchange. If your question is about a widespread claim and you would like to know about its veracity, consider asking on Skeptics Stack Exchange (again, read the FAQ first).

Please see this discussion thread for more detail about our policy on science questions.