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Physics of Kryptonite -- atomic number, half life, etc.?

There's differing information available on this subject, depending on which source you look at, and which era of the comics that source is speaking to. Pre-Crisis/Earth-One continuity According to ...
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In Interstellar, how did Cooper and TARS provide momentum while detaching from the main ship?

Tars is going to pilot the lander as they deplete its thrusters, pushing the Endurance clear of Gargantua's gravity. It'll then detach (as it's now dead weight). If it remains attached, it'll drag ...
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Why and how can you hear explosions in space in Star Wars?

In the early 80's NPR adapted the original trilogy for radio. In the first part, they explain that the Falcon added the sounds as an aural clue to what was happening nearby. HAN: Off you go. When you'...
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