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Can Superman cut himself with his heat vision?

In Justice League (2001), in episode A Better World, an alternate Superman used his heat vision to lobotomise Doomsday, which implies going through the skin and the bones then damaging part of the ...
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In Avatar: The Last Airbender, what can affect Air and Earth Benders like eclipses?

Firebenders get their power from heat sources like the sun, so their powers are weakened when the connection is disrupted, such as at night or during a solar eclipse. Aside from their main power ...
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Book Series about boy who learns he has powers and gets sent to a private school by a “secret society”

Is this the The Paladin Prophecy trilogy by Mark Frost...? Book 1: The Paladin Prophecy (2012) Book 2: Alliance (2013) Book 3: Rogue (2015) According to this Goodreads user review of the first book, ...
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Young adult book (series?) about children who develop powers — a character with silver skin

Could this be The Silver Child by Cliff McNish? It is a novel from 2003, the first installment of McNish's Silver Sequence trilogy. From McNish's website: It concerns a group of children - six ...
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Whats with the changes in Allomancy between The Hero Of Ages and Alloy of Law?

Cadmium and Bendalloy are presumably two of the unkown metals that Sazed mentions in his letter to Spook in the Epilogue of the Hero of Ages (along with Nicrosil and Chromium): PS. There are still ...
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