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In my opinion, the dark side represents death, and the light side represents life. I think in one interview Geoge Lucas said that the sith are evil not the dark side


As KutuluMike pointed out, the DC Universe is actually a multiverse, and within that multiverse, the various members of the Flash family seem to retain their powers, regardless of which universe they're in. As to whether they'd retain their powers outside of that multiverse though, there's conflicting evidence on that. In the JLA/Avengers crossover from 2004,...


The cosmology of the Speed Force is always changing based on the era, writer, context, and accordingly its mechanics. Grant Morrison's work-around is that basically all worlds are a part of the "DC Universe" and just about all of the rational realms (tangible, scientific, material, and real... vs. magical, spiritual, metaphysical) were surrounded ...


Quick Silver's top noted speed, to my knowledge, is about Mach 10, while Flash has been known to travel several trillion times the speed of light... rescuing 500 thousand people from a nuclear explosion within something like 0.000001 Second. I'd say that ranks Flash a wee bit faster than anyone in the Marvel Universe that I can think of. The Crossovers are ...

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