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Was Sam Carter's fancy flip phone an existing model, or based on one?

Propworx sold the (screen-used) phone in an auction. Carter's Cell Phone: Cell phone used by actress Amanda Tapping as 'Samantha Carter' in Season 8 episode SG-1, 'Covenant'." Silver and red ...
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Out of Universe, how many TARDIS props have been used?

As of 2020, there have been nineteen known full size TARDIS Police Box exterior props. Original 1963 prop. Lamp was replaced in season two. Various refurbishments were made over the years, including ...
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What is the sculpture in Kirk’s Quarters — Star Trek VI

It's a statue of a child (probably a boy) riding a dolphin. Young people riding on dolphins are a common motif in statuary—although probably more commonly outdoor statuary, where they are often part ...
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How were artificial boulders and rocky outcroppings & edifices constructed for the sets of the original Star Trek episodes?

This is partial atm: This only references one or two episodes, so cannot speak for all of the sets during the series construction and run, however, some of this is interesting: Ladder to the Stars: ...
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