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Which story involved computers that used humans to avoid being frozen?

This is almost certainly The Beast Adjoins, by Ted Kosmatka. First published in Asimov's Science Fiction, July-August 2020. No synopsis yet on isfdb, but the full story is available directly from ...
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Short story about two entangled quantum physicists

Possibly the novelette At the Rialto by Connie Willis. I read it in the anthology Impossible Things. The physicist is Dr. Ruth Baringer and the man she keeps bumping into is just referred to as David -...
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Book where the stars go black due to aliens stopping human observation collapsing quantum possibilities

This is likely Greg Egan's Quarantine. Quoting from the Wikipedia summary: The novel is set in the near future (2034–2080), after the solar system has been surrounded by an impenetrable shield known ...
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Is the audience laughing at Dr Alexander Murry's presentation?

Dr. Murry is being laughed at because, by any reckoning, he is talking nonsense Dr. Murry is presenting to a group of scientists, many of whom are likely physicists, and he is essentially claiming ...
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Trilogy of books with both a sci-fi and a fantasy world and quantum magic?

Perhaps something in Kim Falconer's Quantum Universe series, which is divided into the Quantum Enchantment subseries with two books. The Spell of Rosette (2009) and Arrows of Time (2009), and the ...
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Crime investigation involving quantum computers

The book is Annabelle Scheme by Robin Sloane, available for free on the author's homepage A Google-like search company develops quantum computers: For the next forty days, Grail wasn’t just ...
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Comics about a quantum labyrinth

The comic is part of Aventures Quantiques by Sven Ortoli and Jean-Michel Pelhate. This fits with the description as Sven Ortoli is the founder of Science et Vie Junior and is a PhD in Physics
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Short story about two entangled quantum physicists

Could it be this one? I don't know if it matches your plot description, as I haven't read it and would prefer not to, unless it's absolutely necessary. "Entangled Eyes Are Smiling", a ...
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Story ID: Star-based computers, human thought, climate change, god and religion

This could be ORA:CLE, a 1986 novel from the American author Kevin O'Donnel jr. I've only been able to find reviews on Goodreads so far but the plot does cover some of the points in the question. ...
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Questions about the Infinite Improbability Drive?

Arthur and Ford were NOT brought onto the ship when the ship was at infinite improbability, but at a probability level of 2^2079460347:1. Very high, but not infinite. As the probability level reduced ...
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