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Is Quicksilver aging faster while moving at extreme speed?

As we can see in the movie in this special scene, He is moving so fast that time seems stopped for "normal" people. No, time hasn't slowed or stopped for the "normal" people...at ...
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Why does Quicksilver hold Magneto's head, but not everyone at Xavier's school?

In Days of Future Past, Quicksilver was trying to get one important guy out of jail. Key aims: keep Magneto safe, and get him out in the few minutes before the whole place is on lockdown. In ...
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Why was Quicksilver vulnerable to Scarlet Witch's curse in the Decimation comics?

As of now, my understanding is that no explanation has been given. However, there are some possibilities: It's psychomatic - Quicksilver believed himself to be a mutant and, when he learned that ...
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Is Quicksilver aging faster while moving at extreme speed?

Although it is logical to expect Quicksilver's metabolism to work faster, he's never been shown aged (like most other comic book characters). He would be affected by time dilation, though. The ...
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How can Quicksilver run with someone without injuring them?

TL;DR: yes, Quicksilver cannot run (alone or with someone) without a bunch of implicit secondary powers (which would be very useful, but that he never uses) This is a typical case of secondary powers ...
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Is Quicksilver aging faster while moving at extreme speed?

As Nomenator has said, due to time dilation - quicksilver will age slower, but not significantly at all. Wired approximated Quicksilver's speed at around 9.091 km/s. that's a pretty slow rate compared ...
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Why was Quicksilver worried about giving whiplash neck injuries to mutants in X-Men: Days of the Future Past, but wasn't in X-Men: Apocalypse?

As you noted in your question, in Apocalypse, he's trying to rescue many mutants (not just one) from an explosion (which moves much quicker than human prison guards). As such, he doesn't have as much ...
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Who is shown as being faster: X-Men Quicksilver or MCU Quicksilver?

Both are like really quick but who is truly the quicker silver? First, the MCU's Quicksilver. A minicarrier is around 29.6 metres, so using it as a reference the distance between Quicksilver and ...
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When a speedster runs does everything become colder?

You are thinking about this all wrong When Quicksilver runs, he tastes what they were cooking, not because he is slowing down the air around him, but because his senses are sped-up. Quicksilver can ...
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Is Quicksilver aging faster while moving at extreme speed?

In X-Factor Issue #72 page 14 Strong Guy notices Quicksilver reading quickly and asks him if he should as it speeds up his aging. Quicksilver responds that the little effort it take to read won't ...
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