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Star Trek went out of its way to be inclusive when it was not popular to do so. By hiring cast members of many races and cultures they invited their audience to see inclusivity in the everyday running of the show. To go out of their way to create a joke at the expense of a religious group seems to be out of character for the writers and executives. I doubt ...


The dyslexic comment indicates that he was aiming for 'LSD' and arrived at 'LDS'. No Mormons were harmed in the creation of this joke.


No, the point is that Kirk, despite having an interest in 20th Century history, is still largely ignorant of the finer details. He's dredging up half-forgotten memories in what the original script describes as an "inspiration" moment. KIRK: He's harmless. (inspiration) Back in the sixties he was part of the Free Speech movement at Berkeley. I think he ...

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