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The Correct answer is - it is a Worrt. A worrt first appeared in the 1983 movie Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, the third installment in the original trilogy of Star Wars. The worrt is seen capturing a sand skitter with its tongue outside the crime lord Jabba the Hutt's palace and devouring it. Like many of the creatures seen at Jabba's Palace in ...


According to the film's original novelisation, the fleet was still in orbit of Sullust at at the point that General Han and his troupe began to circle the bunker before making their ground assault (e.g. about 30 mins before the fleet arrived in orbit of the Death Star). We're told that hyperspace travel is 'very fast™' and that Sullust is pretty close to ...


I know of no way to prove that this is really an unLucased version, but I have the "original theatrical versions" that were included as flipsides on one of the early DVD sets. In that version of ROTJ, there is a blue tunnel at 1:33:17


There were no published or publicly-acknowledged SFX remixes made to RotJ hyperspace effects. However, you could be associating it’s apparent differences to the hyperspace effects of other films’ SFX remixes, as well as general color-correcting and color tinkering which has been performed on multiple occasions to various releases of all three of the original ...


In the movie, it's obvious hyperbole. The nonsensical explanation about the Sarlacc literally keeping victims alive for 1000 years is just typical EU fanwank and it boggles the mind that anyone could actually take it seriously. This has always been a problem with the Star Wars fandom and EU. Every throwaway line in the movies, even if it's obvious ...


Max Rebo Lives! As per episode one of the 2021 Disney+ TV series Book of Boba Fett (titled: “Stranger in a Strange Land”) Max Rebo is alive and well and “Jizz-waling” on his organ with some random Bith at the Mos Espa cantina on Tatooine circa 9 ABY:

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