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Little Lost Robot gamma ray?

Here’s my understanding. All the robots have sensors that can detect radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum, but are not hardwired to know how to interpret it. Imagine telling a small child (...
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Little Lost Robot gamma ray?

Exactly how the Nestor (NS-2) robots detected radiation is not mentioned in the story. The most we are told is in the final paragraph, when Dr Calvin explains: the normal NS-2’s could detect ...
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Little Lost Robot gamma ray?

I do not recall the story details, but given the facts as you have stated them the field was actually infrared light (not gamma radiation). This is easily detectable; basically it's a heat lamp. One ...
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Book with tall walking robots

There is obviously very little to go on here, but I will hazard the most obvious guess. A science fiction novel appropriate for a child, which features "tall walking robots," could be The ...
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Story about robots and unemployment

I'm not sure that this is the story you're thinking of, for one thing it's from Asimov's not Analog, but it definitely features the idea about limited ownership of robots. The story I'm thinking of ...
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What story has an aging actor cared for by a robotic facsimile of his daughter in her childhood, who is visited by his real adult daughter?

"Itsy Bitsy Spider" by James Patrick Kelly fits the questioner's description as closely as a quick skim of it can verify. Here's the first paragraph of the story, which should be ...
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Menacing Audio-Animatronic creatures in amusement park - boy nicknamed Pugsley

"The Boy Who Talked to the Animals", a short story by Stephen Gallagher, first published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, February 1985, available at the Internet Archive. &...
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