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I’m going to argue that the Empire could have. I mean if they have the money, time and resources to make a Death Star “go unnoticed for a while”, get it blown up and make a bigger one and on top of that make thousands of ships, other vehicles, and Star Destroyers then really I think they would be able to employ better stormtroopers.


An unnamed member of "Blue Squadron" (an X-Wing) was destroyed when it didn't get through the shield gate in time. It could be argued that it was an accident or a "self-destruction", but it was definitely caused by the closing of the gate, so technically the Empire did it. "Red 5" (also an X-Wing) was destroyed by a Tie Fighter around 1:45. He says something ...


The crawls have a purpose, which isn’t applicable to the anthology movies. Star Wars aped the movie serials of the 1930s and 40s, some of which opened with moving text that summarised what led up to the previous episode’s cliffhanger. The Star Wars crawls make us feel like each movie is an episode in a serial — and that we’ve missed some episodes in between ...

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