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the answer is that Romulans would rather die than be assimilated, and did so until


For completeness I thought I should add this: It's a plot hole. The Romulan Orum was assimilated prior to Seven's liberation from the collective, in Voyager Unity. Additionally, in Infinite Regress, one of the personalities that emerges from Seven was a Romulan, indicating that at least one other was assimilated. It's worth noting that the page for the ...


No. This anti-android stuff is new to the Picard show. See a comparison to TNG's the Defector.


It's unclear what really happened in the Neutral Zone, and if the Borg actually assimilated anyone It might be a plot hole, but there really is no sufficient information on what happened. This is what we know: The outposts weren't simply destroyed, they where "scooped off the planet", which is something we haven't seen on screen yet: DATA: Captain, ...

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