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For questions about the ancient spacefaring race called Shadows in the Babylon-5 series. Always use in conjunction with the [babylon-5] tag.

Shadows are a powerful ancient race in the Babylon-5 universe. Like their rivals, the Vorlons, they have inhabited the Milky Way Galaxy for millions, maybe billions, of years. The Shadows have a black insectoid appearance and are slightly larger than humans. The Shadows were the primary antagonists of seasons 2 through 4 of the Bablylon-5 series. Their philosophy lionizes conflict as a catalyst for growth. The Shadows were responsible for secretly instigating many small regional conflicts as part of their larger plan to destabilize interstellar relations among younger races. They encouraged the more ambitious races to subjugate their opponents and thwart the aims of Vorlon-backed races such as the Minbari.