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This is Omega Men #26: "Brief Lives" written by Alan Moore and drawn by Kevin O'Neill. and the ending


That is Murray Leinster's Operation Outer Space. The main character is Jed Cochran who is an advertising executive at Karsten, Karsten, Hopkins and Fallowe for The Dikkipatti Hour -- the story unfolds as you describe with the set of stock characters you describe. About the only deviations I spotted is that the PR-type is sent to the Moon because Dabney, ...


I know you already got your answer, but this reminded me of issue 18 of Invincible published by Image Comics. In this issue, a team of astronauts travels to Mars and encounters the Sequids, a race of octopus-looking parasites that control their host by attaching to them. From Marks latest mission is to protect some astronauts as they ...


You were correct: it's Paul Chadwick. A "The World Below" story entitled "Zombies!". Comic below, click to enlarge. It originally appeared in The World Below: Deeper and Stranger no. 2 (2000).

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