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Short Story. Mouse is sent by a human scientist in a spaceship to moon. Intercepted by intelligent aliens. Given intelligence and speech. Named Mickey

"The Star-Mouse" (1942) by Fredric Brown. It's available on Project Gutenberg. It starts: Mitkey, the mouse, wasn't Mitkey then. He was just another mouse, who lived behind the floorboards ...
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When was "Fast Trip" by James White Published?

"Fast Trip" by James White first appeared in the April 1963 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The magazine never reprinted the story. You can read the entire issue for ...
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Short novel. A human astronaut is exploring a huge structure in space. It has tunnels and can exit on different planets

This is the novella Walking to Aldebaran by Adrian Tchaikovsky. You have described the story so well there is little to add. The alien structure that the team are exploring has changed the protagonist'...
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A planet on the edge between anaerobic and aerobic life forms. Possibly by Asimov

This is "Founding Father" by Asimov, originally published in the October 1965 issue of Galaxy. An exploratory spacecraft of the Galactic Corps, charged with opening up planets for human ...
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Old sci-fi film (possibly 1980’s) about a woman trapped in the nose of a spaceship being burned alive by solar radiation

This is the 1993 TV movie, Lifepod (not to be confused with the similarly-themed 1981 film of the same name). It was released on VHS and is apparently a loose remake of Alfred Hitchcock's 1944 film, ...
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When was "Fast Trip" by James White Published?

This question about the story: Short Story. Spaceship controls are designed to perfectly match the pschological make up of the pilot. Emergency attempt to fly another's ship Has an answer by ...
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Paperback involving a ship with AI (personable) that gains the ability to jump (FTL) with other ships in close proximity, unlike the rest

Stretching the read date a bit to 2015 but a lot of details match the Black fleet saga Human society is split up into multiple governments across multiple planets and tensions run high (mirroring a ...
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