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I am looking for the name of a 1990's Windows turn-based strategy game in space

Space Crusade, perhaps? It follows slightly more with your description.
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Animated kids' cartoon about a boy from Earth and a team of other aliens and beings saving space

Is this Planet Heroes...? Judging by the Wikipedia page, this was mainly a toy line released by Fisher-Price in 2009, but three CGI-animated episodes were released on DVD. Three DVD episodes and ...
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Science fiction miniseries involving a team of teenagers on a spaceship with a mainframe named Priscilla

This is Earth Star Voyager (1988), a three-hour long, two-part pilot for a series that was ultimately never picked up. The TV Tropes page mentions that it was originally aired on ABC's The Disney ...
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Short story about a space shuttle seeing a city of lights on the Moon

Could be "City of Lights" by Tim Vicary: From this link: A young pilot Cathy Fox has lost her job. She is said to be seriously ill. But Cathy tells a completely different story. Last year ...
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A film with three astronauts with one I believe is deceased but a pen is put into his hand and he scribbles something on paper

This might be Dark Star (1974). From that wikipedia article: Commanding officer Powell has died in one such event (electrocuted by his malfunctioning chair), but remains aboard in cryogenic ...
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Science fiction movie involving a woman who steals information about a crashed alien spaceship and is hunted by a powerful company

Is this Beyond the Rising Moon (1987), also known as Star Quest, also known as Outerworld...? From Wikipedia: Beyond the Rising Moon (also known as Star Quest and Starquest - Beyond the Rising Moon) ...
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