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Ark of Venus by Clyde B. Clason They hang chains off the bottom of the vessel which prevent the electromagnetic storms from damaging the vessel as it descends.


I think this MIGHT be a version of, "Starship Troopers OVA" or something similar. Not related to the "Starship Troopers" movie.


There were a number of early anime that meet your criteria, but I have a sneaking suspicion the "mech" you speak of here was the Ramrod Unit. Does this look like the Mech in question? And was this its vehicle form? If so, then what you are thinking of is Saber Rider & the Star Sheriffs a mid 80s, 1 season anime. However, you could also be thinking of ...


This question isn’t a strong match for “Stranger Station” by Damon Knight But a few mentions seem to match it. It does not have generation ships, but does have a ship manned by a long string of apparently dispensable people. “The spider had a dwelling that was described as geometrical and intricate. …” There are several descriptions of glimpses of the ...


Q. How do you feel to have a ship named after you in Guardians of the Galaxy? Alyssa Milano: Pretty much the coolest thing EVER! Reddit: Ask Me Anything


I believe that this is Space Hostages by Nicholas Fisk The synopsis matches what you remember: A crazed and dying flight lieutenant, nine village children and a top-secret aircraft - all of them are out of control and adrift in space. The bullying Tony sets himself up as captain, and leads the ship towards horrifying new dangers. The book was first ...


Byeolnara samchongsa (translated to Space Three Musketeers), a 1979 South Korean animated movie. From IMDb: Three young children are fascinated by space. One night they saw a flying object crashing into the forest. Ruru, the king of the children of the kingdom of the space is on board. Ruru invites the three musketeers in his realm of space. During this ...


This is Manseed by Jack Williamson. The project was simple in design yet grandiose in its aim: a thousand tiny ships would crawl to the stars; each that landed on an Earth-type planet would produce several dozen colonists; each colonist would be a product of the genes derived from Megan and her experts. Every ship would manufacture cyborgs for repairs and ...

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