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I know exactly which story you are talking about. I can't find it at the moment. However, I know that it was based off of Chapter Six of grilledcheesing's "5 Times Peter Made Tony Laugh Out Loud". Basically, this chapter served as inspiration for that story. The one you're talking about is an expanded, and slightly darker version of that chapter.


In Superior Spider-Man #30: Later, in Dead No More: Clone Conspiracy


Ultimate Jameson also finds out about Ultimate Spiderman, right before he is seemingly killed by Ultimate Chameleon on Earth 1610. Chameleon captures both Jameson and Peter and while in captivity together Jameson figures it out, right before Chameleon shoots him in the head.


In issue 12 from 1964, a virus leaves Peter too weak to fight Doc Ock but he tries anyway, and gets beat. Ock then removes Peter's mask in front of everyone, including JJJ: However, since Peter is too weak to fight or use his powers, nobody believes that he's actually Spider-Man, rather that Peter simply dressed up as him.


In the comics, Peter once willingly revealed his identity to JJJ. TL; DR. In Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Issue # 6, Spider-Man agrees for a dinner/interview with J. Jonah Jameson. Long story short, Peter reveals his identity to JJJ just to make him understand that not all masked people around are bad people (NOTE: JJJ's wife was killed by a ...


Your question doesn't state a specific canon or universe so specifically in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999) Spider-Man originally only has one type of webs, his normal ones. He creates the mixture himself and does improve on it but it is generally just the same webbing. He is up to at least version 3.01 as we see his doodles in class when he is ...


This is Spider-Man Team-Up #1 - Fantastic Four: The Chameleon Strikes! from 2006. He encounters a shirty receptionist. This is the doppelganger scene And the resolution. It's not Johnny that throws the spiders, it's Ben. Torch does catch the imposter though.


Spiders-Man of Earth-11580 almost certainly has. Spiders-Man. Thousands of spiders that believe they are Peter Parker of Earth-11580.


In Spider-Man: The Animated Series Spider-Man mutates into his final mutation form from the initial spider bite and becomes Man-Spider. Presumably he ate some bugs in this form even if we don’t explicitly see it, that I remember.


Depending on how much you're willing to look into it, kinda? In The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter catches a fly (0'15 in the clip below), and is seen licking his fingers at 0'30. Might not be actual craving though, perhaps just uneasiness.

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