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During the rest of Descent, we learn that He is able to We later see him adjusting this while in conversation with Data, and the effects it has.


We know memories can be extracted from a positronic brain (Data to B-4, Lal to Data). And we know Data (or at least Starfleet) had custody of Lore after his deactivation. Thus it stands to reason that if Lore was aware of B-4, someone in the Federation would've begun a search for him before Shinzon's storyline. The risk is that positronic brains can also be ...


In the novels: Yes Specifically with a character named Rhea McAdams - who first appears in the book Immortal Coil. She makes another appearance in the 3rd book of the "Cold Equations" trilogy: "The Body Electric" IMO: Immortal Coil, Cold Equations trilogy, and the Immortal Coil follow-up (Light Fantastic) ...

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