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The Short Trek entitled "The Trouble With Edward", which aired after S2 of Discovery, reveals that prior to genetic tampering by a Starfleet science officer over the course of that episode, Tribbles had a much slower reproductive cycle. So it may just be that during S2 of Discovery, genetically modified tribbles had not yet been created; another possibility ...


I found a video that goes over this in detail The point he makes in the video is that, regardless of era or universe, we see phasers emit in both pulses and streams. Beams Most people expect phasers to look like this The list of places they appear like this is... well, it's long NX-01 NCC-0514 (USS Kelvin) NCC-1701 NCC-...


Voyager, S3: E26 Leonardo da Vinci's hologram exclaims "Che cazzo". "Cazzo" is the strongest, grossest word that can be used in Italian to refer to a penis. Can't think of any stronger profanity, aside from directly cursing God.


In TNG Episode 2x03 Elementary, Dear Data, Captain Jean-Luc Picard is heard saying Merde! which is the French word for Shit. Besides being a curse, it is not just a gratuitous one: fitting with the acculturated background of Picard, this swear also has an historical significance. This word was, in fact, reported to be exclamated by Pierre Cambronne, a ...

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