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For use on questions about Star Trek: Deep Space 9, the 1993 Star Trek TV Series. Use this tag in conjunction with the [star-trek] tag and other relevant tags (such as character tags).

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (aka DS9) is part of the Star Trek franchise. The television series is set on a formerly-Cardassian space station at the edge of Federation territory, as opposed to on a starship. The series chronicles events that take place after Starfleet takes command of the station and relocates it near the newly discovered Bajoran wormhole that accesses the unexplored — and previously unreachable — Gamma Quadrant.

DS9 is decidedly darker and more serious than previous Star Trek offerings, with many plots revolving around politics, war, oppression, religion, and identity. The station itself serves as a center of interstellar trade and interspecies conflicts, culminating in The Dominion War. (See .) Over its run, the series slowly chips away at the idea that the United Federation of Planets is a Utopia — particularly through the plot elements of the Maquis and Section 31.

The scope of the show was broadened in later seasons by the inclusion of a vessel, the USS Defiant, which was at the disposal of the station's Starfleet personnel.

  • Questions specific to DS9 should use the tag, as well as the tag.
  • For questions that encompass the entire canon or multiple series, the tag should be used.