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From the episode "Homefront" we saw a bunch of officers stationed on/near Earth in the TNG-style uniforms, even after Voyager had departed with only black jumpsuits available. And of course there was all that uniform juggling in Generations. Even Admiral Ross' first appearance had the old TNG-style uniform That was chronologically months later than ...


I do believe it is addressed in The Next Generation, field commissions are only tied to the place that issued the commission. Westly, Cruncher was given a field commission of Ensign when he was helping out on the Enterprise during his mom's tour as chief medical officer, and a period of time when she was Chief of Starfleet Medical. He was still a cadet ...


Klingons are allowed (by honour) to not commit suicide if there's a reasonable chance that they'll be able to escape from their captors. Much like the 'bad apples' of Colditz Castle, prisoners that require guarding are also tying up their enemy's resources. GARAK: Aren't you Klingons supposed to kill yourselves when you're taken prisoner? WORF: Not ...


IIRC it was in that very episode that some Starfleet member mentioned that survival is not dishonorable if you get captured and later escape with valuable information.

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