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"Star Trek: Enterprise" is a Star Trek live-action show. The show lasted 4 seasons from Sept 2001 to March 2005. It also refers to the name of the main ship featured on ST:Enterprise as well as The Next Generation, The Original Series and all of the Star Trek Movies. Use this with the [star-trek] tag. For questions about the Enterprise ships, use [uss-enterprise].

Star Trek: Enterprise (ST:ENT) is a live-action sci-fi TV series set in the Star Trek universe but depicting events that occurred before events of any of the other Star Trek TV series (inc. the original series), starting in the year 2151, before the founding of the Federation.

Enterprise (NX-01) is a Starfleet vessel but not a Federation one (not having been founded yet), it is the first Warp 5 Earth starship crewed almost exclusively by humans though with a Vulcan science officer (Sub-Commander T'Pol) attached to the Enterprise by the Ambassador Soval in order to keep the humans "out of trouble".

Possibly the biggest difference to other Star Trek series is that the series is set so early, Starfleet and its technology are still in their infancy.

The Enterprise has a maximum speed of Warp 5, pulse cannons (upgraded to phase cannons), no shields (polarized hull plating), spatial torpedoes (upgraded to photonic torpedoes) and a transporter that (in the early episodes) the Captain wouldn't even put his dog through.

Notable/recurring plot lines included:

  • the Temporal Cold War
  • Andorian-Vulcan tensions
  • Human (and later Klingon) augments
  • the Xindi conflict
  • the Vulcan civil war

The series ended with the founding of the Federation.

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