Use this tag for questions concerning Star Trek "expanded universe" materials, including novels, comic books, games, and short stories. Use this with the [star-trek] tag.

The body of fictional works set in the Star Trek universe consists first and foremost of canon works: the CBS / Paramount-produced episodes (including those of The Animated Series, which reside at a lower level of canon), the Paramount-produced theatrical films, and various official publications such as the Next Generation Technical Manual.

There is also a Star Trek expanded universe of non-canon materials, including:

  • novels (but not official novelizations of episodes and films, which are considered to be canon)
  • comic books and graphic novels (a rare exception is the fully canonical Countdown series made in conjunction with the 2009 reboot timeline)
  • video games
  • short stories (some of which have been the result of competitions approved by CBS / Paramount and others which are purely recreational fan fiction)
  • fan-made films

Use this tag for questions that concern Star Trek's non-canon expanded universe materials.