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Identify this Star Trek badge with gamma-like symbol

The symbol (lower-case gamma) Starfleet badge appears in the Starfleet Technical Manual, along with a variety of other non-canon badge designs. To the best of my knowledge, it's never been produced as ...
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Why does Chakotay wear apparent lieutenant commander's insignia?

The part that goes Is Chakotay actually "merely" a Lieutenant Commander (like Voyager's original first officer), but nobody ever bothers to say the lieutenant part out loud? is pretty simple (...
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Why does Chakotay wear apparent lieutenant commander's insignia?

According to Chakotays' collar insignia he is a Lt. Commander by commission. In this case a field commission. But if Star Trek is true to staying in line with this overt exhibition of Chakotays' ...
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Who did Khan get his Starfleet insignia from?

To say that the insignia belonged to Marla is problematic. Marla Mcgivers wore an engineering insignia, as did Kahn on the uniform when they were exiled. However, as an historian and artist, she ...
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Are the Star Trek Next Generation rank pips based on anything from real life?

As said before, but with too much hedging for my liking, Yes the pips are directly based on the US Navy. In fact having already known the Star Trek pips, when I joined the Navy I could immediately ...
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Why does Chakotay wear apparent lieutenant commander's insignia?

Well, that is a very good question. There are some theories, mutually exclusive, but since Memory-Alpha says "Commander" (after very long discussion)... I'm not sure how to suggest this on M-A site (...
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What is the difference in Admiral Pike's Rank insignia and Capt Kirk's in Star Trek Into Darkness

At the time of that pic above, Pike had been made Captain. Marcus is an Admiral. Kirk had been demoted in position but no one really stated that he had been demoted in rank (and unlikely given he ...
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