One of the early plot lines in Star Trek Enterprise deals with a Vulcan monastery called P'Jem which is located in a system near Andoria according to memory alpha, so this is a colony (or at least a settlement) outside of the Vulcan system.


The two-hop solution wouldn't work. From the Memory Alpha article on the spatial trajector: The spatial trajector was a technology utilized by the Sikarians, a species native to the Delta Quadrant, which allowed them to transport to planets up to 40,000 light years away. Operating on the principle of folding space, the trajector utilized antineutrinos as ...


Given how readily Mendrossen lied about Sarek's condition, I'd say he was not a strict follower of Surak. Sarek likely had him on staff partialy because it was logical to have a staffer who could easily lie for the sake diplomacy when needed.

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