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When did Khan meet Chekov prior to The Wrath of Khan?

The “Off Screen” meeting is the only plausible and possible explanation given the stardates. Now, given that the stardates were technobabble for the scene setting, we can and should agree that Pavel ...
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Ro Laren's nose ridges

She does have nose ridges: (image from These look to be about the same as her nose when she last appeared, in "Preemptive ...
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What happens to the food that Commander Data digests or drinks?

One thing we have to remember about Data is that he doesn't have any organic tissues, including an intestinal tract, where bacteria is stored to convert consumed food into fecal matter. Therefore, he ...
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How many shuttles did the Enterprise-D carry?

In season 3 episode 2 'The Ensigns of Command' at his computer panel, Lt Worf commented when asked by Cpt Picard how long it would take to evacuate the planets population of Tau Cygna V, due to the ...
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Do the other changelings need to regenerate?

Curious enough, on the recent Picard episode No Win Scenario, a changeling posing as an officer on the USS Titan did seem to need to regenerate (a container he used as a receptacle was found hidden in ...
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What was the purpose of adding red backlights in USS Enterprise?

The "panels" are plasma exhaust ports & the color of a plasma is generated by emissions from energetically excited atoms, ions or molecules during their relaxation to lower-energy states....
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Do phasers actually discharge a stream of pulsed energy projectiles into the target?

The Star Trek TNG Writers' Technical Manual states that phasers: by drawing off energy stored in a small dilithium crystal, converting that energy into a collimated beam, which exits the ...
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Is there a description of how computer programming works in the ST: Voyager era?

They are literary macguffins like JBH said. If you want a more fun in-canon answer, it's all implied and not explicitly stated how it works. I do know that Seven of Nine is a cyborg so she probably ...
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Does the Universal Translator correctly translate alien names?

As a rule, in the real world, we use standardised names for people or places, rather than translating them into whatever our own language happens to be. Oftentimes, we probably don't know what a ...
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Does the Prime Directive apply to Worf when he removes the leader of the Klingon Empire?

we can't know, because we do not have the text of the prime directive, nor is the prime directive consistently depicted within or across star trek series. the argument that worf is acting as a klingon ...
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Is it true that "To boldly go where no man has gone before" came from a White House document?

I am convinced the Star Trek quote was derived in part, at least, from the HP Lovecraft quote, it is the only original quote of the three which contains the exact same sentence structure minus the ...
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What is the status of holographic sentience in the Federation?

"Star Trek: the Lower Decks" has an Exocomp who appears to be universally acknowledged to be at best a real jerk. More generally, given that at least some institutions in the Federation may ...
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Why did Quark have different skin coloration around his eyes?

This question was recently answered by Armin Shimerman himself in a YouTube video "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Deep Dive: Ep 1, "Emissary" with Armin Shimerman | T7R #208". ...
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What is Worf referring to in "The Outrageous Okona"?

When I first saw it I thought that Worf and Okona were having a moment, and were kind of into each other. It read as very queer to me. But that's just my opinion. Who knows what they actually meant.
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Does the Federation ever establish full relations with the Tamarians?

There's a recurring character in ST:Lower Decks, Keyshon who is a member of the species Tamarian. Lieutenant junior grade Kayshon was a male Tamarian who lived during the late 24th century. He was ...
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Tom Paris chatting up female shuttle pilot in first episode of Voyager

The memory alpha page has a section titled "subsequent edits" which explains scenes were cut as part of converting episode into two parts for syndication.
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