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I’m sure that he just told them that he fought Count Dooku and won. Then the Chancellor ordered him to kill Dooku so he did. Or he didn’t mention Palps and knowing Anakin just said that there were some “complications” and Count Dooku is dead.


In the film's official novelisation Palpatine and Anakin agree not to tell the truth about what happened. “And we won’t. Just as we need never speak of what has happened here today.” It was as though the shadow itself spoke kindly. “I have always kept your secrets, have I not?” When asked what happened by Mace and the Jedi Council, Anakin demurs to the ...


When it comes to Star Wars you kinda need to say if it's "canon" (post-Disney) or "Legends" (pre-Disney) seeing as Disney made a lot of changes and also removed things from the story. Revan is a victim of this Disneyfication, seeing as his story got mostly cut. In the new canon he is only mentioned as a side note in Star Wars: The Rise of ...


In some books (Legends), Boba Fett had a clone, and that is the latest clone of Jango Fett that I have ever heard of (Even though it is a 2nd generation clone of Jango).


I know that in Star Wars Rebels they say that all the clones were let free and Rex, Wolffe and Gregor were still alive, and in The Mandalorian Boba Fett is the only clone alive after the 2nd Death Star blew-up


Palpatine was held back by his father, whom he saw as resistant to change and progress. Palpatine thought Naboo should be in the Republic Senate, but his father believed Naboo wasn't ready to go public. Years of these disagreements caused Palpatine to snap and wipe out his whole family.


Based on the map seen in Star Wars: Complete Locations, the distance (as the crow flies) is 84.6 miles (136.1 km). Luke's Landspeeder has a top speed of 155 mph, which means that the journey would take less than an hour, even accounting for the need to take a less-than-direct route around the Mesra Plateau. Interestingly, an earlier reference map from the ...

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