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Why weren't these characters' faces shown in Ahsoka S1E5?

There's no definitive answer (yet) largely because anyone on the production that could talk about it are currently on strike and thus can't. However there's a few educated guesses one could make, that ...
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What is the overlap between Star Wars canon and Legends?

Generally, anything released starting April 25th, 2014—the date of the announcement of the new continuity model—should be considered Canon unless explicitly branded as Legends. Canon also includes the ...
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How did people in the Star Wars galaxy handle travelling to planets with different gravity?

Canon In The Legends of Luke Skywalker, Luke and a scientist visit an asteroid with low gravity. They move around with some difficulty. Gravity on the asteroid was light but sufficient to keep us ...
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Could I fake death to stop being Force-choked?

Probably, if you have an ysalamiri concealed under your cloak. According to Star Wars Legends, ysalamiri were furry lizard-like creatures native to the planet Myrkr that could repel the Force by ...
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