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Red, green, and blue lines in the SG-1 base

According to the show's producer and senior writer, Joseph Mallozzi, the floor lines have no particular in-universe meaning and were evidently just set dressing, presumably to add a little bit of ...
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Red, green, and blue lines in the SG-1 base

You're presumably referring to the stripes on the floor that look like this; These are commonly used in large organisation, particularly public facing ones, to help people find their way around. It ...
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Is Stargate (movie) based on a book?

High school teacher Omar Zuhdi claimed in a 1995 copyright infringement lawsuit that virtually the entire film was stolen from a manuscript he began writing as a college student. Zuhdi even had his ...
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Why did the Ancients wait so long to launch Destiny?

I think the whole timeline of technological progression of the ancients is weird. I don’t think we got a good example of how the ancients progressed. It seems weird it took millions of years for the ...
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