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This tag should be used for questions concerning American author Stephen R. Donaldson or his works.

Stephen R. Donaldson (1947-) is an American author of fantasy and science fiction. His most famous works are fantasy titles collectively known as the "Chronicles of Thomas Covenant," which are split into three series published in different decades. They are:

  • "The First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant," consisting of Lord Foul's Bane (1977), The Illearth War (1978) and The Power That Preserves (1979)
  • "The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant," including The Wounded Land (1980), The One Tree (1982) and White Gold Wielder (1983)
  • "The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant," comprised by The Runes of the Earth (2004), Fatal Revenant (2007), Against All Things Ending (2010) and The Last Dark (2013)

Donaldson has also published a science fiction series known as "The Gap Cycle," a series of mystery stories (originally under the pseudonym Reed Stephens, later under his own name) whose titles begin with "The Man Who...", and several short stories.