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In Princess Mononoke, what was the possible route across Japan that Ashitaka took while investigating the iron ball

Things to know first: The film is set during the Muromachi Period, which ranges roughly from 1338 to 1573 AD. During this time, the process of making iron from iron sand had just begun in the ...
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Why didn't Ashitaka cut off his arm?

There is no explicit statement in the Japanese script of why he could not cut off his arm, but there are two fairly obvious reasons why it seems like it would be a terrible idea. Amputating an arm is ...
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Why does Sosuke call his parents by their first names?

As far as I can tell, Miyazaki has not commented on this, so all that's left is speculation, and people have been speculating since 2008 online on this subject. As you note, in Japan, addressing ...
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Is eating in Miyazaki films tied to Japanese culture?

I don't know that the concept is unique to Japanese culture or Anime/Manga. There's a couple of concepts this touches on The first would be, what TV tropes calls, Cannibalism Superpower. The name is ...
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Why didn't Ashitaka cut off his arm?

Maybe Ashitaka considered cutting off his arm but discounted it due to the practical difficulties of cleanly cutting off one of his arms with a sword stroke by the other arm. If the infected arm was ...
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What does the Cat Bus eat?

The Catbus eats the same food any cat would eat AFAIK there is no definitive answer from Miyazaki. But we can infer an answer based on observations of the world in which Mei and Satsuki encounter him. ...
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Do we have any information on where pigs in Spirited Away come from?

The food being prepared for the spirits at the beginning of the movie consisted of VAST amounts of meat. That meat has to come from somewhere, and the simplest explanation is that regular animals ...
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What Japanese myths/beliefs are referenced in Ponyo, and why was tasting blood relevant?

As stated in, Miyazaki has said Ponyo is loosely inspired by The Little Mermaid, that is, the original Hans Christian Anderson tale. You'll notice a few of the ...
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