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Who is Slipknot?

Slipknot. Slipknot is a master in the use of ropes, including unbreakable ones, and a trained assassin. He created a chemical adhesive which he then applied to his ropes, making them nearly ...
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Why was Harley recruited into the squad?

The premise of "Harley quinn is not superpowered ..... she doesn't have any real combat abilities" is wrong. Harley Quinn is made to show athleticism, combat skills, and murderous determination. She ...
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Why didn't Amanda Waller consider Lex Luthor for her Task Force X project?

I couldn't find a word of god on the matter, so there is no definitive answer to the question. However, here is what we can infer from Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Lex Luthor is not a good fit ...
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What were those octopus creatures?

James Gunn clarified on Twitter that they're called Clyrax. He revealed a bit more in a subsequent interview with Entertainment Tonight. ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: Um, question: those little, cute ...
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When did the Suicide Squad start to contain villains?

Legends #2, December 1986 While the original team wasn't made up of heroes, it was made up of soldiers who'd been convicted to serve on the most dangerous missions. However the soldiers had ...
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How does Amanda Waller watch the Suicide Squad?

Is it explained where that feed is coming from? Not really. This is a common movie trope. The government has eyes everywhere. It's never really explicitly stated whether the feed comes from drones, ...
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When did the Suicide Squad start to contain villains?

This happened in Legends #3 in January, 1987. The new team initially consisted of Rick Flag Jr.,Blockbuster, Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and Enchantress (all villains, except Rick Flag)...
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Which of the Suicide Squad film's members have been on the team in the comics?

According to the Wikipedia page for members of the suicide squad, the only one listed that was never a member of the team prior to rebirth is Killer Croc. Out of all the other incarnations, Pre and ...
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How does Amanda Waller control Lobo and Johnny Sorrow?

Good old fashion bribery. After the failure of that team she then comes up with the idea to use the brain bombs. Seen in the recent volume of Suicide Squad #9.
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When did Harley Quinn first join the suicide squad?

In Suicide Squad Vol 4 #1 (New 52): After a falling out with the Joker, she goes into a murderous frenzy, directed towards people responsible for the Joker's imprisonment. Captured by Black ...
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When does Batman first fight the Suicide Squad in the comics?

Batman first starts to investigate them in Suicide Squad #10 "Up Against the Wall" in which Batman confronts Amanda Waller about the Suicide Squad, and Batman acquiesces to wait for another day to ...
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Did DC invent the Suicide Squad for this reason?

No, it was not invented as a way to justify criminals being released. The original Suicide Squad, from Brave and the Bold #25, was comprised of Colonel Rick Flag, Hugh Evans, Jess Bright, and Karin ...
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In Assault on Arkham, why will the nano-bots cause their head to explode and not the whole body?

As far as I remember from the film they have the explosives planted into their necks when they are strapped onto the wheelchairs. I believe this is also shown later on with flashing lights on each ...
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