In the film Superman III, Superman turns selfish under the influence of imitation Kryptonite. This causes him to commit acts of petty vandalism, such as righting the Leaning Tower of Pisa and blowing out the Olympic Flame. Later, after having been seduced by the antagonist's girlfriend, he punches a hole in a supertanker, causing an oil spill. This is in aid ...


In the Legion of Super-Heroes “Great Darkness Saga,” Darkseid creates a “reverse-DNA clone” of Superman (as well as several other of the most powerful beings in history). Unlike many of the other examples, this was in the main continuity and resulted in the evil Superman being permanently defeated, not freed of mind-control. Another classic story that might ...


ONE Well, I think that such situation has occurred multiple times. Just to break the ice, I've recently re-read Action Comics vol.1 #584 by John Byrne (writer + penciler) and Dick Giordano (inker). Superman is seen going on a destructive rampage, gloating about the power he wields in his hands. Cyborg of the Teen Titans tries to confront Superman but loses ...


It has happened a few times in the DC Animated Universe. Presented below are two cases of Brainwashing/Mind Control, and two cases of alternate-universe Supermen. Superman: The Animated Series (S2 E12) "Brave New Metropolis" - 1997 An accident at STAR Labs sends Lois Lane to an alternate universe where Superman, ...


Action Comics #311 (1964). The world is under the boot of King Superman! It's a red krytonite tale where Superman and Clark Kent are split into separate beings. By all actions and appearances, Superman has become a ruthless megalomaniac (he is even referred to once as "His Satanic Majesty"). The mortal Clark Kent tries every ruse he can conceive ...


In Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #219 (September 2005), Superman has been brainwashed into believing Wonder Woman is an enemy who has killed Lois Lane. She is able to overcome him for long enough to stop the villain who is mind-controlling him.


Injustice : Gods Among Us comics series where Superman turns evil. He doesn't exactly turn against the humanity, but becomes an evil dictator. Comic Wiki Spoilers ahead:


In Batman: The Brave & the Bold, Superman became tyrant after coming under the influence of red kryptonite.


In Justice League: War movie, Superman went rogue, but not by choice.

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