This is a reference to (or pun on) the idiom "on the half shell", which is a way of serving shellfish (but not turtles). For example: on the half shell of raw shellfish, served in the bottom shell, chilled and with condiments —Dictionary.com on the half shell served raw, with seasonings, on a half shell said of oysters, etc. —Collins English ...


It's a question of timing, but the answer is in the video. The turtles were with Yoshi. Yoshi leaves. Yoshi was with rats. The turtles touched the mutagen. Yoshi stepped in the mutagen (note the bare feet). Yoshi picked up the turtles. He came into contact with the mutagen after the rats but before the turtles. (For clarity's sake, Splinter is Hamato ...


Their shell doesn't go all the way around their body though, at least not in this show. Look: This is from this same theme song. They have some yellow shell-type surface in the front, but it isn't connected to what is clearly a half-shell on their back.


The best explanation I can offer is that regular turtles can withdraw their bodies into their shells to virtually eliminate all exposure Since the TMNT are more humanoid, they can't do this. So they have a shell that essentially protects half their body. A "half shell", if you will


Approximately >7' tall. Shredder is 6' The average human body is 7.5 heads tall, making Shredder's head 9.6" tall. Assuming that Shredder and Kraang are standing the same distance away from the viewer, Kraang apears to be ~1.5 Shredder heads taller than Shredder. This would make Kraang 86.4" tall, or about 7'3". Edit: the website above changed the ...

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