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If Luke Skywalker didn’t want to be found, why did he leave a map?

Throughout the movie people kept calling it a "map to Luke Skywalker" but I think they were being a bit sloppy with their phrasing. At one point, Han mentions that everyone believes Luke left to find ...
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Why does Kylo Ren wear a mask?

Psychological warfare. Vader was the death dealing wizard right hand man of the evil emperor for well over a generation. More than likely, his image is still enough to put a good portion of the ...
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Was Kylo Ren's lightsaber activated by the character that it then killed?

The film's official novelisation categorically disproves this theory Then, as the light from outside was fully blocked by the flow of descending, accumulating dark energy, Ren ignited the ...
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How could a raw, untrained Force user be so adept at using the Force?

You seem to be forgetting that the character in question was already a more than capable fighter. Earlier in the movie; This clearly demonstrates that the character in question has some fighting ...
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Which 'finger' was BB-8 sticking up?

The novelisation of the film explicitly states that it is indeed intended to be a "thumbs-up" from BB-8 “Doing the best I can down here.” Rey vanished again. As soon as she was out of sight,...
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Why does Kylo Ren respond to his birth name?

If you're referring to the scene where... part of the point of that scene is that, for this once, he takes down the walls around the side of him that's a vulnerable, non-evil emo kid and son of Han ...
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In Episode VI, what did the good guys really accomplish since the bad guys are back stronger in Episode VII?

The Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star II and the Sith were defeated, leading to the eventual defeat of the Empire. The Empire was forced to sign the Galactic Concordance, which limited the ...
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Why is Luke searching for the First Jedi Temple?

Right now it's anybody's guess what the in-universe explanation is. But thematically, the entirety of Ep.7 is about trying to find a way home, full stop. The First Order is trying to "make the Empire ...
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How are Stormtroopers uniquely identified in the field?

There's a canon (even Disney canon) explanation of this in Before the Awakening, in the first chapter, p5-6 (of the paperback): FN-2187 crouched down and looked in the indicated direction. They ...
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Why does Rey wear the same outfit in different environments?

I'm not aware of an explicit answer in the movie or the novelization, but it seems pretty self explanatory to me: Rey is an orphaned, impoverished scavenger who lives a hand to mouth existence. She ...
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Why couldn't the shield protecting the Death Star be penetrated at the Battle of Endor?

Canon doesn't have an answer, but I can think of three things: At that point, Han didn't know that he could penetrate a shield at lightspeed. Thirty years is a long time to learn new reckless things. ...
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Why was Han Solo acting like he’s never seen Chewbacca’s bowcaster before?

In the now-Legends EU continuity, Chewbacca was constantly tinkering with his bowcasters. That's right - bowcasters, as in plural. He owned several, and liked to upgrade and customize them. Both Han ...
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Why did Han seem unhappy that Rey bypassed the compressor?

When I saw that scene, I figured it was two things. One was that a young thing was moving faster than him and matching him for skill with his ship, his baby. She basically had mastered the thing he ...
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Why hasn't Anakin Skywalker's Force Ghost advised Kylo Ren?

I'm afraid the answer is something unanticipatingly simple and banal: there was no point. Assuming that you meant Anakin the Good Guy's Force Ghost from ROTJ Special Edition: Anakin's Force Ghost ...
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Why give this character his old lightsaber?

She was reaching out to a man who had shut himself away from the galaxy... ...by giving him something that he has a personal connection to — his long-lost lightsaber. Even if she was aware of ...
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Why was the image of Supreme Leader Snoke not "scaled to fit our primitive screens"?

I would say the answer is as simple as an intimidation factor... From the primary canon, we see Emperor Palpatine use the same technique in The Empire Strikes Back. He wanted to project himself larger ...
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Why does Kylo Ren's lightsaber look different from normal lightsabers?

TFA Visual Dictionary addresses this on page 26 "Kylo Ren: The Dark Warrior": The blade looks this way because it is unstable plasma blade Matrix This has to do with three facts also quoted on the ...
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What does the writing on Poe Dameron's flight vest say?

It's clearly in Aurebesh, so we're going to need a translation table1: Now, what's tricky is that the text is upside-down, so we have to do a bit more detective work. Here's a pretty high-res shot of ...
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Why isn't the First Order the Second Order?

Pure speculation, but I'd like to point out that an in-universe answer may relate to the use of "first" in a context other than to mean chronologically, but instead to mean "primary", or "foremost". ...
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Why did C-3PO not have a red arm at the end of The Force Awakens?

It was replaced. We don't know why or how, yet, but the WGA script explicitly notes that: EXT. D'QAR - DAY The Millennium Falcon RISES. Leia, with Poe, BB-8, and C-3PO (with his proper arm ...
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Is there any in-universe reason for a stormtrooper to use a melee weapon against Finn?

According to a prequel novel "Before the Awakening", the First Order stormtroopers: Were trained with melee weapons Were specifically instructed which melee weapons were effective against ...
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Where did the sun's energy get sucked into Starkiller Base?

According to the film's official novelisation, the 'dark energy' from the local star is channeled into gigantic "collectors" on the backside of the Starkiller Base planet. It's stored inside the core, ...
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Why was the image of Supreme Leader Snoke not "scaled to fit our primitive screens"?

Don't forget, sometimes holograms are one-way recordings (as was Leia's) and sometimes they are two-way interactions (as with Snoke). In Leia's case, you can see she's looking down. Why? Because ...
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In Episode VI, what did the good guys really accomplish since the bad guys are back stronger in Episode VII?

This answer necessarily includes spoilers from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, as well as the original trilogy. Spoiler tags have not been used, as discussing these spoilers is the entirety of ...
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Why give this character his old lightsaber?

First of all, Rey offering Luke her weapon shows that she means no harm. But there is much more significance to offering that particular weapon. The lightsaber belonged to Luke's father before him. ...
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How did the planets not freeze over after the attack from Starkiller Base?

It will, but the timeframe for that to occur is longer than the few days the movie is set in. Residual heat will keep the planet surface (atmosphere) warm for a few days for the same reason we on this ...
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What is the object in the opening shot of The Force Awakens?

That's no moon... ...or, actually it is; according to the leaked script, anyway (emphasis mine): PAN across the star field to a bright moon. A RUMBLING is FELT. A VAST STAR DESTROYER -- unlike any we ...
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Is there evidence to suggest that Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plagueis?

UPDATE #3 As of The Last Jedi release (12/2017), there was almost[1] NO additional canon information that clarified who or what Snoke was. We see a better image of him in Episode VIII, we see details ...
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What were all those visions Rey saw?

UPDATE: updated with info from Episode VIII UPDATE: Added a section at the end regarding things that were initially planned for the vision but cut from the film PSA: This answer is NOT in its final ...
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