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Is there a date given for "Step Day"?

There doesn't appear to be an in-book confirmation of the date of Step Day. There are some contextual clues (too many to reference) that it's sometime during the summer in Wisconsin but that's about ...
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The Long Earth Blacksmith's Payment

The context seems to imply that it is simply an unexpectedly large amount of currency, or whatever was the equivalent they were using. See the word 'deposit'. ‘The engagement I’m looking for is ...
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Can Earths be added to the chain?

The concept of Stepping is further evolved and explained in the next books so be patient. I don't want to spoil you the surprises completely. But exactly this question is not answered completely. ...
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What stops people stepping into solid matter in the Long Earth?

While it is never expressly stated in any of the books, I would hazard two guesses. The first is hinted at in the series, mostly in The Long Cosmos. The second is more inference based on the viewed &...
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Does the ending of "The Long Utopia" have an obvious flaw?

I was considering asking this question about four hours ago, when I finished the book, but I actually think I have an answer. If you remember, the children of New Springfield were the ones who did ...
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Does the ending of "The Long Utopia" have an obvious flaw?

Other solution: stepping north was possible only from underground cellar, which was no longer available due to planet deformation.
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The Long Earth Blacksmith's Payment

The answer, as far as I can tell, is "No" - The blacksmith is Franklin Tallyman, who is also a natural stepper. All subsequent interactions or mentions of Franklin Tallyman in The Long Earth make no ...
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