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A post-apocalyptic series by Brandon Sanderson, set in a United States shattered when a strange star rose in the sky, and people developed superpowers - but only villains arose, and no heroes came to check them. Don't use with the [cosmere] tag, as it is not part of the shared universe many of Sanderson's other books are in.

The Reckoners is a post-apocalyptic trilogy of novels written by Brandon Sanderson. The novels are:

  • Steelheart
  • Firefight
  • Calamity

There is also a short novella bridging the first two novels, titled Mitosis.

The Reckoners follows David, a young man who as a boy watched his father get killed by one of the most feared Epics to arise, in one of his opening slaughters. Epics are people with superpowers, some with limited effect, some with multiple powers combining to make them invincible. They are also entirely murderous and destructive, killing without regard and setting up their own kingdoms based on might makes right. There are no superheroes, just supervillains, ruling under a red star no one knows the cause of.

David witnessed a supposedly invincible epic, the one that killed his father, bleed, and after surviving that incident makes it his lifelong goal to research Epics to find their weaknesses and kill them. A guerilla group named The Reckoners has the same idea, and the plot of the first novel kicks off with David's attempts to find them and be recruited, with the goal of killing his father's murderer. Further plots follow the team over time as they continue to take down supervillains in ruined city after city, and David's research slowly turns to larger questions about the constantly evil nature of epics and the star Calamity that heralded their arrival.

The setting was revealed as existing among multiple parallel Earths, and the author has planned a sister series titled The Apocalypse Guard that will explore that facet of the setting in more detail, however, it has not been released and has no release date, as he was unsatisfied with the result.

More information on the books can be found on the author's website.

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