Parallel strips with a 5 mph speed differential between one strip and the next; high-speed lane in the middle, low-speed lanes at the sides. They glided down an electric staircase, and debouched on the walkway which bordered the north-bound five-mile-an-hour strip. After skirting a stairway trunk marked "Overpass to Southbound Road," they paused at the ...


There are a number of items on the various 'roads' that move along with the strips; shops, airbreaks and passenger cars. The road system itself is divided into a series of "circles", either moving around nominated cities or simply travelling from one location to another and back; The faces of two men flicked into view on the visor screen. The younger ...


Instead of going in a loop, they run in large circles. After passing through three more wind screens located at the forty, sixty, and eighty-mile-an-hour strips, respectively, they finally reached the maximum-speed strip, the hundred-mile-an-hour strip, which made the round trip, San Diego to Reno and back, in twelve hours.

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