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Was Sauron's body destroyed before or after the ring was cut from his hand?

A new answer to a very old question, but I stumbled on some relevant material that does not appear to be mentioned elsewhere... Sauron's body was still in existence after Isildur took the Ring. Of the ...
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What is the true origin of the Orcs?

At the point in the story where Sauron realizes that the Ring is at Mount Doom and is in imminent peril, it is stated that the orcs had wills only when Sauron (their master) was pushing his will into ...
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Why did Tar-Calion listen to Sauron and become so evil?

There are two reasons behind Ar-Pharazon's initial decision to take Sauron prisoner (the Adunaic name is used more widely than the Quenya (Tar-Calion), so I'll use the former). The first is pride. Ar-...
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Were the Dwarves in the Music of the Ainur?

It's implicit, but Yes Perhaps the single most important passage for the comprehension of Tolkien's mythology is something Ilúvatar says at the end of Ainulindalë: "Thou shalt see that no theme ...
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