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It was Sigismund Dijkstra Although he introduced himself as Sigi Reuven 'The world has changed,' said the pilgrim. 'Something ends. I'm Sigi Reuven.' Djikstra was the head of Redania's intelligence and at some stage a de-facto ruler of Redania. This was making him too powerful in the eyes of the nobility, hence a team of assassins was sent to imprison ...


In The Witcher 3, Geralt tells Yen his wish was for them to always be together.


This is a recurring joke in the books (and the games) - commoners acting as self-appointed experts of monsters, although they are getting their knowledge from hearsay and superstition alone. Whereas only those who had studied monsters in-depth, like witchers, actually know what they are talking about. This chapter is such an example. The exact quote1), ...


Using a mirror to protect oneself from a basilisk's gaze is a folk tale in The Witcher's universe: the basilisk's gaze does not turn one into stone. Instead, it's their venom that kills a person, and very quickly. Geralt likely used the same technique witchers use to kill almost everything else: his swordsmanship, his silver sword, likely some elixirs, and ...

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