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Refers to the 1960s TV series, 2004 movie, or 2015 TV series. Is about the adventures of International Rescue, an organization with five fantastic machines built with abilities beyond their time to rescue people from dangerous situations when rescue would otherwise be impossible.

Thunderbirds was originally a 1960s television series created by Gerry Anderson. Arguably his most successful series, it is set in 2056 in a world of great technological advancement, but insufficient rescue equipment. International Rescue, a privately owned organization, has five fantastic machines built with abilities beyond their time to address this issue. Each craft has a specific ability for different involvement with the rescues. Aided by secret agents around the world, including Lady Penelope Creighton Ward, the Thunderbirds organization is able to keep up with the latest information. Each craft is piloted by the leader's (Jeff Tracy) sons: Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon and John.

A reboot film was made in 2004, set in 2010 with generally similar ideas as the original series, but completely redesigned craft and HQ. The plot, however, is completely different and quite unfeasible in many fan's opinions.

In 2015 a new reboot series was launched, distinct from the original series but based on it. Jeff Tracy is not present in this and a new character, Kayo, is introduced as head of security.

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