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Short story told by a shop owner, involving different customers who find and go through a time-travelling mirror

I found it by searching. I remembered that Obama had recommended the text, so I searched "Obama recommended short story". That way, I found that the story is "The Merchant and the ...
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Book about a man living in the '70s or '80s who falls asleep one night and wakes up in a utopian future

This might be "2150: The Macro Love Story", also titled "2150 A.D." According to the ISFDB, it was originally published in 1971 with authors Don and Thea Plym, but was later ...
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Young adult book series about kids who get different powers when they turn a certain age and their blood turns silver

Is this the Mindwarp (1997-1999) series by Chris Archer...? This summary from TV Tropes outlines the general premise, mentioning five kids who discover that they have powers and silver blood when they ...
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