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Time traveling boy takes girl to two-caste future, where the rich live on buildings with stilts

This sounds like it's Terminal Chic by Chloë Rayban. It's available on Amazon (and other sites) as an eBook. I had to buy it to read further than the sample (for my own reasons), but it starts to ...
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Book in 90s/early 00s with time travel/world shifting with two tier society

This sounds like it may be Terminal Chic by Chloë Rayban. It's available as an eBook on Amazon
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This is a time travel movie with a child that keeps going to the past where he meets a boy and eventually saves him from falling into a well

Could this be A Boy Called Red, not a movie but an episode of the anthology TV series Creeped Out? Vincent is transported back into his grumpy father's past only a week before the tragic accident ...
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Book where a woman has seizures and is given a device like a garage door opener that sends her back in time

It’s called Breakthrough (1970) by Ken Grimwood. Not in print anymore, unfortunately. Twenty-six-year-old Elizabeth Austin has been cured of epilepsy by a new and daring experimental treatment. Tiny ...
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Fantasy/science-fiction book about a boy with a piece of a dragon scale in him

Partial match: The Return of Dragons (2020) by R. R. Harper. From this Goodreads review: Harper introduces readers to a world where dragons and humans coexist in this entertaining first installment ...
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Anime series with live-action segments, time travel, dinosaurs and spaceships

For a long time i was looking for the same thing i assume. I am 80% certain i found it. It‘s called „Planet der Dinosaurier“ in german. Hope i could help!
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Time travel book involving a man deciphering an ancient stone and future time travelers leaving clues about their origins

The Doomsday Code (2011) by Alex Scarrow, third book of the "TimeRiders" series. From Goodreads: Liam O’Connor should have died at sea in 1912. Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in ...
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Scientist travels back in time to murder his wife’s secret lover

This is "The Men Who Murdered Mohammed" by Alfred Bester which first appeared in the October 1958 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. You can read it at the Internet ...
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French book series about team of kids and time travel

It sounds like The Fantastic Conquerors (Les Conquérants de l'impossible) by Philippe Ébly: It's a book series that started in the 1970s. The main characters are young, and time-travel. One of the ...
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Novel; contains dinosaurs, geo-temporal anomaly, and societal collapse

Some searching turns up Footprints of Thunder (1995) by James F. David as the most likely possibility. The blurb discusses how chunks of the present-day world are replaced by chunks of the world from ...
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Manga where the female lead time travels back to her high school days, tries to save a boy from a fire

"Back to You" What if an unexpected accident suddenly transported you back to ten years ago? For Hayoung, suddenly traveling back in time to high school means the opportunity to save the ...
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Book series involving a boy and a girl who use a ring or rings to travel to other universes and time periods to stop a bad guy

This sounds like the Pendragon series by D.J. McHale, which I've proposed as an answer to a different question before. The series chronicles the adventures of Bobby Pendragon, an American teenager ...
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