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What's so special about Frodo?

It was a team effort, and not the only one in Tolkien's heroic romance. Frodo spent all of himself just getting the Ring to the Cracks of Doom, and never would have made it without the help of Sam; ...
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How are Gimli's athletic abilities in the books?

None of those three scenes are in the book Gimli doesn't fall behind the other runners, he never gets tossed, and he never is shown falling of his horse. Those movie scenes simply aren't in the book ...
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What's so special about Frodo?

I reject your premise. Frodo wasn't any more resilient than any other Hobbit. Sam, for examples, was tempted - but he overcame his temptation, thanks to his "plain hobbit-sense" - "he ...
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What real-life plant stood in for Simbelmynë in "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"?

According to JRR Tolkien, (per Nomenclature of middle-Earth), the flower was inspired by the wood anemone. Evermind: A flower-name, translation of Rohan simbelmynë. The element -mind has the sense &...
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Why does Frodo choose to commit suicide?

Frodo isn't committing suicide. In Tolkien's world, the elves came from, and return to, Valinor (aka The Undying Lands). This isn't Heaven, per se, just a place where the suffering of Middle Earth ...
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What's so special about Frodo?

Nothing much. He was in the right (or wrong?) place at the right (or wrong) time. He had the strength of character to accept the monumental role which fate or higher powers had thrust upon him. He ...
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Why does Frodo choose to commit suicide?

Tolkien addresses the point a number of times in his letters: But the promise made to the Eldar ... for their sufferings in the struggle with the prime Dark Lord had still to be fulfilled: that they ...
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Which plant was used as Athelas in LOTR / Hobbit movies?

The second-to-last post here claims that Actually, the plant used in the movies is white thyme. It grows everywhere, can be used medicinally, is considered an invasive plant and is also given to the ...
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What's so special about Frodo?

What was so special about Frodo? Nothing. That's part of the point. Now, the books do make mention of the fact that he is, in some ways, special: Fellowship makes mention that Gandalf thought him to ...
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What's so special about Frodo?

Frodo was special because he was meant to have the Ring. Gandalf explains that there are powers at work that have created this situation and somehow chosen Frodo to be the Ringbearer. Gandalf, of ...
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How did Samwise/Gimli/Bilbo/Frodo/Galadriel know they were allowed into Valinor?

Turns out there is a way for the people in Aman to "communicate telepathically with Cirdan"! One of the Palantiri, the Master-Stone, is held in Tol Eressëa in Aman. Anyone with access to it ...
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