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Who was buried at the High ­Fells of Rhudaur?

The movies seem to conceive that the Witch-King "died", and was sealed in the tomb to make sure, but then eventually escaped. He and the others were certainly known as Ringwraiths at this ...
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Does the German movie translation of Lord of the Rings intentionally use 'du' in this way?

The reason that Gandalf addresses the Balrog with du is quite simple: Sie is reserved for people. Germans never address non-human beings* with Sie. As the Balrog isn't a person†, it is addressed with ...
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Are the Istari still Maiar?

Yes, undoubtedly Tolkien implies they still were Maiar, even if there's no direct quote to prove they were. Consider: We know Gandalf was physically capable of feats no human could accomplish. From ...
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