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I think the toy might have been an Giraya Ninja, a Japanese toy that was manufactured in 1990 by Bandai, it was also known as Tacky Stretchoid Warriors in the USA. The toy consisted of a stretchy rubber figure in armor. It could be removed from the armor and be slinged away against a wall where it might stick. The toy was based on the Japanese series Sekai ...


I think the landspeeder is perhaps the closest to scale. A movie still: An image of the toy: Obviously not to scale are: the X-Wing fighter, Tie fighter, Millennium Falcon, ATAT


Suspect this is "Teddi" by Andre Norton. There are the "littles" (small people) and the bear-like "Teddis". I have it in the 1973 anthology Way Out, edited by Roger Elwood.

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