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The trailer was rushed and approved by George Lucas put together in three days (!!!) to meet the need to have something to show to movie goers during the 1976 Christmas season. Hyping the film was more important than being accurate at the time. Heck the special effects weren’t even finished so things such as conveying the proper tone/spirit of the film were ...


Because trailers are often misleading. See this list, and this one and the TV tropes list under the Trope Never Trust a Trailer. As to WHY-- well, for the same reason that trailers are misleading today. A marketing person determines what might sell, often based on a synopsis and snippets of the film. In this case, way back in the 70s, the marketing ...


This is Spider Man 3 (2007) You see Gwen Stacey modelling clothes. A crane hits her building and she slides down the floor. All looks lost but at the last minute she's saved by Spider Man. Note that her father is indeed the Chief of Police.


Sounds similar to Dragon Wars : D-War, although I haven't found a specific trailer (of which there are quite a few) with a Blackhawk's blades on fire. Plenty of dragons destroying helicopters in other ways though. Here is a short trailer, and here is a longer trailer. Some of the dialogue in the longer trailer is Korean, but the movie itself is mostly in ...


This article identifies several; and this one even more The infamous lighting of Christmas Tree Kylo Ren's crossguard lightsaber in the forest Maz offering someone Luke's lightsaber (who isn't Finn - who she ends up giving the Hot Potato in the film). According to the EW J.J. Abrams interview, it's Leia. Luke's "The Force is strong in my Family. So we ...


The World of Warcraft Wiki page seems quite well informed on this issue. It describes the introduction thusly: Several establishing shots are then shown, introducing several of the game's playable races and classes: a dwarf hunter, a night elf druid, a Forsaken warlock, a tauren shaman, an orc warrior, and a human mage. It then transitions into ...


I saw that trailer too and then could not find it again , but stumbled across it today ,it is called Crimson Skies Only other info i could find on this is that it was originaly called Dragon seige but your guess is as good as mine as to wether its movie or game


"Not all youtube videos go to imdb right? Right - just the ones that someone submits to IMDB. Just about anyone can submit entries - both for films and for credits. IMDB can reject the entries, but they don't actively seek out projects to add to their database. It should be noted that even the IMDB link for Hell No lists the run time of the "movie" as 3 ...


I believe you're looking for this Agent Origins video by Corridor Digital:


Might be Spiderman 1 with Tobey Maguire. There's a scene where Mary Jane slides down a balcony.


The figure in red is a sentinel, a type of droid that gave out orders to Imperial commanders after Palpatine's death. They were used to direct high-ranking Imperials on the carrying-out of Operation: Cinder.


No Other than all the things you already eliminated (like robotic limbs) I don't see anything in either trailer that suggests "the future."


This sounds very like the British film Reign of Fire, which included several scenes of fire-breathing dragons versus helicopters. The trailer is here and although there are various helicopter shots there's nothing specifically with the blades on fire.


MainStay Productions released a trailer on YouTube last year, about a movie project they are working on with BluFire Studios, ostensibly called Crimson Skies. The premise is that a volcanic island erupts, releasing thousands of dragons from millenia-long slumber, that attack a small fleet of Navy vessels. I checked on both MainStay and BluFire's websites, ...

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