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This sounds like "Star Maidens". Made in the 1970's. It was a British - German co production and the Wikipedia page for it notes that many props and sets from Space 1999 we reused for this show. The format was a type of battle of the sexes. You can read a detailed description of the show here... ...


Based on your description of a spacesuit with bare legs I believe you are looking for BBC serialisation of The Tripods by John Christopher. I also believe it was broadcast on PBS as I notice one or two references to PBS in my google search for the show. As the show was made by the BBC in the mid 1980s your time frame is correct for this show too. The aliens ...


Out of Time maybe. It was an NBC failed pilot. Bruce Abbott plays the time traveler, chasing Adam Ant (!) back to 1988 and teaming up with his grandfather or maybe great grandfather, played by Bill Maher (!!). The book element is there. It's on YouTube! Synopsis from Wikipedia: A cop from the year 2088 (Abbott) is transported back to 1988 while pursuing a ...


Well, if I had the ability to bend over and let all of you kick me in the backside, I would, but the answer is in fact; 'In his Image.' I take no pleasure in admitting I made a mistake. I don't know how I did it except to say that I remembered so little of the episode that in previewing 'In His Image' and watching the first fifteen minutes, it stirred ...


Could it have been Night Visions? You would only be about 15 years out!


Spectra man is what you're looking for:

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