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1980s horror program where a birdwatcher is found ripped to pieces on a fog covered island

I've just worked it out. Only forty years after seeing. DavidW's question jogged my memory The Nightmare Man It had all the elements of classic scare fests with the isolated island, wild open moors ...
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What show was this? Early '90s-ish, computerized nudity filters stop the VR/simulation before a character in a pool can take off her top

This occurs in Island City from 1994. It's not the main character but rather the teenage son of a character - thus the V-chip. From the wiki page: The film features virtual reality goggles. The son ...
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1990s/2000s live-action show with kids in tribes in a dystopian sci-fi/fantasy setting

Might it be The Tribe, a 1999 New Zealand production? Primarily aimed at teenagers, The Tribe is set in a post-apocalyptic city in which all adults have been killed as the result of an unknown virus. ...
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A sci fi movie aired on Discovery where robots are sent to an exoplanet

This is the 'docufiction' show Alien Planet. Alien Planet is a 2005 docufiction TV special created for the Discovery Channel. ... Alien Planet starts out with an interstellar spacecraft named Von ...
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1990s/2000s live-action show with kids in tribes in a dystopian sci-fi/fantasy setting

Might be The Odyssey, a Canadian series released 1992-94; I watched it in the UK and it looks like it was broadcast quite widely although can't specifically see Australia. I think I only saw it once ...
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Animated show about a little boy who could travel to different places

Is this Justin Time (2011–2017)...? According to the Wikipedia page, it's an animated series about a boy named Justin who has "adventures through time and around the world," alongside his ...
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Sci-fi TV episode from the 80s or 90s where a family has to answer questions about baseball to prove where they're from

Otherworld, S01E08 "Princess Metra", 1985? This is the final episode of the show. The baseball quiz question can be found around the 9 minute mark. The entire ...
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Science fiction miniseries involving a team of teenagers on a spaceship with a mainframe named Priscilla

This is Earth Star Voyager (1988), a three-hour long, two-part pilot for a series that was ultimately never picked up. The TV Tropes page mentions that it was originally aired on ABC's The Disney ...
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1990s/2000s live-action show with kids in tribes in a dystopian sci-fi/fantasy setting

Wrong timeframe (2014), but the description fits The 100. live action dystopian Sci-Fi setting mostly in the forest mostly young people you could call 'kids' various tribes
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Old TV series about a blonde alien girl who can read minds and a man who must help her

I think you're remembering the 1988, two-part television movie, "Something is Out There" The miniseries also spawned a short-lived weekly series. The description below is from Wikipedia: ...
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